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News at Ebenezer Christian School

School Closure Info

For up-to-date information, listen to KWPZ 106.5 FM or watch the Home Page of our website. You can always contact the school; our answering machine is updated almost as fast as the website!
Preschool follows whatever schedule the school follows for late start. However, if school is delayed two hours, preschool is cancelled for the day.

News and Events

Chapels and Worship

While we won’t be able to worship together as we have in the past, we are not letting that stop us from worshiping our Heavenly Father!  As chapels are planned in various formats, we ask your prayers for our teachers, students, and others who are working  diligently to maintain that high priority on worship.  But even more so, we pray that God will be pleased with our worship, both in chapels and in our daily lives.

Music Teacher Opening:

Ebenezer Christian School is seeking a part-time K-8 Music Teacher, starting September, 2021.  Interested persons can send a resume with cover letter to Ebenezer Christian School, 9390 Guide Meridian Rd., Lynden, WA  98264 and address it to the attention of Jim Buss, Principal.  Applications can be requested by contacting the school at the above address, calling 360-354-2632, by e-mail at  Applications can also be downloaded from the homepage of school’s website.

Tours available!

Individual tours of the campus are available for any family interested in checking out Ebenezer for their children simply by calling the school office. We’d love to have you come and experience the solid, Christ-centered education, the spiritual learning, and the social growth that happens in our school.

Looking to find out how to become a part of the Ebenezer family?

For more information, including application forms, see our Admissions page for everything you need to get started!