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Ebenezer Christian School

Goals and Objectives

I.  God-centered Living

    1. Understanding of God’s eternal purposes, His means of carrying them out, and His revelation to man.
    2. Understanding of the nature of sin and its effects, and of redemption and its results.
    3. Understanding and desire for God-oriented living as proof of and gratitude for redemption.
    4. Understanding of the Christian’s relation to creation.

II.  Self-Understanding and Development

    1. Acquiring the skills of communication: speech, reading, writing, numbers, and intellectual curiosity.
    2. Understanding of one’s own capacities and limitations and how they may be used maximally to serve man’s purposes before God.
    3. Understanding of the proper care and development of human resources: health, recreation, etc.
    4. Development of higher interests and appreciations: art, music, literature, esthetic and leisure time pursuits.
    5. Development and conscious direction of attitudes and habits appropriate to the man of God. Standards of moral and ethical behavior consciously related to God’s revealed standards.

III.  Establishment of Responsible Civic and Social Behavior

    1. Development of attitudes and behavior patterns toward others consistent with Christian ethics.
    2. Willingness to assume responsibility for wholesome relationships with others: at home, in school, in recreation, in governmental activities, in social relationships.
    3. Understanding of the forces and influences within and without which obstruct the development and application of wholesome Christian attitudes.
    4. Knowledge and understanding of the information and facts necessary for proper perspective in the solution of problems.

IV.  Vocational and Occupational Effectiveness

    1. Understanding of the purpose of work in God’s plan.
    2. Understanding of the fields of work open to the Christian.
    3. Understanding of one’s own capacities and aptitudes for particular fields of service.
    4. Appreciation of the work and service of others.