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Class size at Ebenezer Christian School

“Because of the smaller class sizes, our children get a lot of personal attention. We like that!”

Class Size

Smaller by Design

Ebenezer Christian School’s commitment to its children’s education is reflected in its class sizes. By maintaining a small Teacher-to-Student ratio, we assure our students get the most direct teaching and interaction from their teachers.

Smaller class sizes allow us to meet individual needs more quickly and effectively. No student goes through school without knowing and being known by their teachers and the rest of the staff.

Our academic program also reflects our size. Smaller class sizes means students can have more creative options, can be challenged to meet their gifts and talents God has given them. Our rigorous academic program seems normal to our students, whereas if they were in a bigger classroom without the teacher’s increased support in learning, students wouldn’t succeed as well.

Each student is viewed as a unique creation by God, with individual gifts, struggles, and needs. Emotionally, socially, spiritually, and academically, smaller class sizes means we can meet each student where it counts the most: in their heart. We show the love of God to each student every day.

Large classrooms may be more efficient, but we know smaller classes are more effective in training children to advance God’s kingdom in the world.