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Ebenezer Christian School

Philosophy of Education

Our basic commitment begins with the recognition of the fundamental truth that God is sovereign in all things, that all things originate in Him, are maintained through His sustaining power, and exist to glorify and satisfy Him.

We secondly recognize that natural man is no longer in harmony with his Creator but through rebellion has lost his perfect understanding of self, the world, and God. Only through Christ’s personal atonement can man again see life and the world in proper perspective. As a result, the Christian gains his fullest satisfaction and attains his fullest realization by giving himself to the fulfillment of God’s purposes for him.

Man is a religious being and his deepest needs are spiritual in character, therefore, the function of Christian education is to enable the learner to know more adequately God himself; the natural world he created; God’s purposes for man; the learner’s own capacities and limitations; and the means by which these capacities may be best utilized to implement God’s plan and through these efforts bring honor to his God.

Since Christian education concerns itself with the moral, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the “whole man”, schools have been set up to assist the parents in achieving these goals. Schools, therefore, are basically accountable to the parents first of all (not the state), whose responsibility it is to educate their God-given children.